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Multiply Table

Multiply table is used to memorize and practice one of the key math skills called multiplication, grade three students start to learn. Most often this skill is memorized by practice. Multiply tables provide very good method to practice multiplication skills.

Multiplication table can have multiplication up to 20 times for higher grades. But, for grade 3 or grade 4, an easy version of the multiplication charts should be practiced to begin multiplication.

Care should be taken while teaching multiplication using multiply table, so that young kids understand the concept of the multiplication. Therefore it is very important to clear the concept of multiplication with grade three students by explaining them that multiplication is actually repeated addition.

When there is a large set of similar things or numbers, instead adding them again and again, multiplication is used. The large number of things or objects are organized in rows and then number of rows are counted instead the individual object, as all the objects are similar.

Once students understood the concept of the multiplication, then they should be introduced with the easy multiply table. Multiplication table is then used to memorize times for numbers up to ten or twelve or even twenty.

Technology is taking place of many of the older version of doing things, as computers or calculators can be used to multiply numbers. But we should not forget that human brain is the super computer and it gets sharper by practice. As technology can't take place of physical activity, same way the use of human brain can't be replaced by the technology. Hence, students should practice multiplication table, to use it for small calculations.

Below are the different versions of the times tables for practice. Print lot of copies of the multiplication table and start practicing your multiplication skills to make yourself very strong in multiplying numbers and hence in math. So, click on the multiplication table of your choice below;

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Multipy Table For Grade 3:

For grade 3 students there should be  an easy version of the times table. In other words, an introductory multipliy chart to learn multiplication up to number 5. Click the links below to print these easy multiply tables for grade 3 students.

Multiplication Table - Beginner 

Multiplication Table - Blank for Beginners

Multiplication Table - 10x10 

Multiplication Table - Blank 10x10 

Multiply Table - Harder

Once the students know the basic multiply table for 10x10, it is the time to practice harder multiplication table for 12x12 or 10x20. Below are harder times tables, challenge yourself to practice and learn the following charts as well.

Multiplication Table - Blank 10x12

Multiplication Table - Blank 12x12 

Multiplication Tables - Individual Easy 

Multiplication Tables - Individual Hard

Multiply Table Printable

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